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Getting yourself affiliated!

Follow our comprehensive instructions below from the ARRL to get you and your club all the benefits of being Affiliated with the ARRL!

It takes three steps to finish your application,
1. Open the Affiliated Club Kit PDF file below.
2. Complete the forms and save to your files.
3. Email the completed forms to clubs@arrl.org

This document is the actual application itself - once completed per the instructions below, email the entire attachment to clubs@arrl.org


The process to becoming an Affiliated club is actually very simple. It requires these 4 things, included all in the document above.

1.  Resolution of Affiliation
Fill out the boxes with your club's information and sign on the lines

2. Initial Club Detail Report
This is going to be all of the information about your club that will be posted on the ARRL's website for everyone to see. You want prospect members and new amateurs to like what they see, so make sure to edit carefully.

3. Membership Roster
This list includes all current members of your club, in which 51% of voting members must be full members of the ARRL and licensed amateurs.

4. Club Constitution and By-laws 
This is going to be the longest part of your application. This will detail all of the rules and governance of your club. According to the ARRL, "A constitution is the document that lays out the rules for the operation of your club. It spells out the name and purpose of the club, establishes the method of management of the organization, and established the guidelines for implementing the decisions of the club. It also sets out the working relationship of the organization between its officers, memberships and other groups or parties with which it is affiliated." Attached below are some guidelines and a sample constitution for your club.

Get Affiliated